High quality, low-cost biomarker diagnostics for consumer lifestyle

The consumer lifestyle opportunity

Modern consumers want to keep track of their health status. The proliferation of health apps is a testimony to this. However, there is a servere lack of quality devices capable of providing meaningful content to these apps. Trace® meets this need and meets the vision of health conscious consumers affordably monitoring their own key health metris in the comfort of their own home.


Trace® delivers professional quality, low cost biomarker diagnostics suitable for use by consumers at home as well as non-traditional healthcare venues, such as pharmacies, health kiosks and medical centres. The platform is designed to deliver hospital laboratory performance in a consumer device. The proprietary Trace® platform combines high quality, small size, ease of use, portability and low cost in a system based on well-established reagents. Other pipeline Trace® products will add other lifestyle complex biomarker tests normally only performed at specialist practitioners or hospitals.

  • Trace® — a game changer
  • Trace® represents an in-depth quality biomarker tracker that collects broad information about personal health indicators
  • Trace® gathers information on blood parameters, personal well-being and potential disease progression
  • Trace® creates individualized health profiles from gathered information
  • Trace® provide tailored health management guidance from sampled data
  • Trace® keeps track of your own data privately

Trace® before CE-mark and FDA 510(k) approvals

Trace® will be brought to health conscious first-mover customers. Trace® is approaching a CE-mark in Europe.

Trace® will be applied in user feedback studies in the USA as an important part of Trace® path to FDA approval.