Become your own health professional

Introducing Trace®

TraceĀ® is your biomarker device

Trace® combines professional knowledge and simplicity into a device that fits everyone’s need. From measuring cholesterols to monitoring average blood sugar to survey potential inflammation level to check your minerals, Trace® is your personal biomarker device.

Trace® is for the healthiest person as well as for you who live with a chronic condition. Biomarkers are indicators of early changes in your health. Monitoring your biomarkers is essential to understanding and managing your health.

A finger stick

The test is simple, and can easily be done by yourself, or if the hands aren't as steady as they once were - with the help from a relative. 

A simple everyday system

The philosophy behind Trace® is that it should be an everyday device. For this to succeed user- friendliness is everything. Trace® only requires a finger stick of blood from your index finger to allow your thumb a few minutes later to scroll through your biomarker data.

With Trace® your worries disappear, you’re in control.

Place TraceĀ® where you want to

Trace® can be placed anywhere you see fit.

A new healthcare paradigm

We're pioneering a new paradigm in which biomarker testing is accessible and affordable for everyone. You can monitor your health, get the information you need early and if needed in time for therapy to be effective.

You can program Trace® app to tests for specific parameters as we launch more and more biomarker cartridges. This will provide awareness according to your needs. With Trace® managing your health becomes simple. 

All in one app

We have developed one simple app that along with our cloud solution stores all your personal data. Only for you to control.

Trace® is now ready for ordering

€ 2495 Trace® device                
€ 15 each Lipids capsule  
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

We will on a continuous basis release more and more important biomarker capsules.

Trace is available now for you to get started with this important biomarker monitoring device.

From 2018 we will have semi-automated important production procedures and thus can sell at a lower price. 

We allow you to pre-order now for below pricing with delivery time before end of 2018.

€ 695 Trace® device
€ 15 each Lipids capsule or
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

Orders will be shipped on a first incoming order basis.

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