Let your partner in life become your partner in health

You are in charge

The current healthcare paradigm is one in which diagnosis often takes place after symptoms are already present, and diseases have begun to progress. We're committed to changing that. We put you in charge of your own health – in your own home. We believe that you are the right person to have the responsibility of your own and your closest ones health. With Trace® you decide when to test, how often, and where. 

Your day, your time

With Trace® you are in command, you decide when and where your doctors consultation should take place.

Change the aging process

The most natural part of life is growing older. It is an unchangeable fact. What can be changed is the way we grow older. Helping you keeping an eye on your most vital health information is the key to grow older in a safer and better way. From diabetes to cardiovascular to all kinds of diseases, we can provide data on your status and profile and create new proposals for you to choose. 

A simple cartridge system

  1. Select cartridge
  2. Prick your finger
  3. Deliver a drop of blood

Test process

Enter the filled cartridge into Trace® and wait for your results. Trace® can be situated anywhere you like, and only requires access to electricity for it to function.

Trace® is easily operated

  1. Press open
  2. Insert cartridge
  3. Wait for your device to show the results

Share your results

Via our cloud solution, you can make your data accessible to others, e.g. your family doctor, physicians at the hospital, family or friends. However, you own your data. Your results are private, secure and confidential. Because we believe you should always be in control. Of your data, and of your health.

Trace® analyzes in minutes

That's all the time you need to boil water, and make yourself a cup of coffee or tee.

Improving compliance

We believe that by offering tools to access high tech biomarker testing, society in general will see better patient compliance. It's that simple.

One profile, one user-login

Your results can be accessed from your favorite platform, phone, tablet or laptop. 

Trace® is now ready for ordering

€ 2495 Trace® device                
€ 15 each Lipids capsule  
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

We will on a continuous basis release more and more important biomarker capsules.

Trace is available now for you to get started with this important biomarker monitoring device.

From 2018 we will have semi-automated important production procedures and thus can sell at a lower price. 

We allow you to pre-order now for below pricing with delivery time before end of 2018.

€ 695 Trace® device
€ 15 each Lipids capsule or
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

Orders will be shipped on a first incoming order basis.

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