Get a stopwatch for your health

It’s your time. It's your health data.

Take control of your health

Awareness and knowledge is the key to success. Trace® saves you time for doctor’s appointments, going there, waiting, consulting and waiting for results. We allow you to do all this from your home. While keeping you informed of your health.

Your opportunity

Trace® is an opportunity that can give you peace of mind with the awareness of your health status.

Only a few minutes

When Trace® is analyzing your blood sample, the time varies from 3-10 minutes depending on which blood analysis it is running. Some analyses are actually doing multiple biomarkers, e.g. cholesterols, which measures HDL, LDL, triglycerides, non-HDL and total cholesterol. Multiplex tests typical take up to 10 minutes, while single tests take as low as 3 minutes.

TraceĀ® > BMI

With Trace® you'll receive a health analysis from your blood, and not a health indication based on your physical proportions.

Actions have to be initiated by you

Being healthy is more than having the right weight measure. Cholesterols are a good example; - many people suffer from too high levels, but are unaware. This could be genetic or just from lifestyle. It can't be seen on your weight, your diet or other forms. You have to test your biomarkers to become aware. 

One cartridge one set of data

We offer different cartridges depending on the data you need. One cartridge gives you your lipid profile, another gives you your blood percentage and your blood sugar level.

0.02 milliliters of blood

Smaller samples are just the beginning. The technology and processes we've developed allow us to use small samples. Our cartridge filters the plasma from whole blood and this process only requires a small drop of your blood. It is this simple way that makes it possible for us to create highly technological results without requiring a complete lab setup. 

You data is always at hand

When Trace® has finished analyzing your data, it becomes accessible from the device of your choosing. Your data, your cloud, your profile.

Your empowerment is our success

Trace® can inform you about your health, but it can't change it. Our mission is to make actionable information accessible to everyone at the time it matters. This way we hope to facilitate the early detection and prevention of disease and empower people everywhere to live their best possible lives.

Create results

Trace® measures your progessions, and enables you to keep track of your well-being.

Trace® is now ready for ordering

€ 2495 Trace® device                
€ 15 each Lipids capsule  
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

We will on a continuous basis release more and more important biomarker capsules.

Trace is available now for you to get started with this important biomarker monitoring device.

From 2018 we will have semi-automated important production procedures and thus can sell at a lower price. 

We allow you to pre-order now for below pricing with delivery time before end of 2018.

€ 695 Trace® device
€ 15 each Lipids capsule or
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

Orders will be shipped on a first incoming order basis.

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