Improve your diabetes management

You don’t have to wait all day. Do HbA1c at home.


Empower your home environment

Parents to children suffering from diabetes play a big role in the care and management of their child’s disease. Trace® offers home monitoring of HbA1c – the average glucose biomarker, which may help minimize trips to the doc’s office.

Make it fun!

With Trace® we are removing the sterile and clinical environment, while still gathering the needed information.

No waiting for results

Living with a chronic disease shouldn't prevent children from living a healthy and funny life. Spending too much time in the hospital or medical environment creates a less motivating environment for a child than staying with family and friends in well known surroundings. 

TraceĀ® is handy

Make Trace® a part of the tools you use for diabetes in your home. And have Trace® where you need it the most. 

Diabetes routines

For families with diabetes, blood testing is already an integrated part of daily routines. As simple as washing your hands. Trace® fits perfectly into this routine and provides instant and important information that can save a lot of time and worries.

TraceĀ® eliminates waiting time

The waiting time for your HbA1c test is less than what it takes to cut one water melon. 

Data when you really need it

The paradigm shift is that you can get the data when you actually need it – you don’t have to wait for a doctors or medical appointment. It just saves you the worries. 

Enjoy your flexibility

With Trace® we allow you to choose your own path. 


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