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Terms and conditions

Dear Customer, please note the following purchasing conditions due to regulatory requirements:

  • Trace®System is CE-marked for sales in 28 EU countries plus Norway, Iceland & Liechtenstein (signatories to European Economic Area, EEA). If you are located outside this territory we will not be able to ship the product to you.
  • Trace®System is initially only CE-marked for professional use (called “General IVD”) but is expected to be CE-marked for home-use (called “Self-Testing”) before the end of August 2017. If you are purchasing the product as an individual for self-testing purposes we will not be able to ship the product to you before September 2017.
  • Pre-orders of the Trace®System are delivered before end of April 2018 for both professional and home use.

Trace® is now ready for ordering

€ 2495 Trace® device                
€ 15 each Lipids capsule  
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

We will on a continuous basis release more and more important biomarker capsules.

Trace is available now for you to get started with this important biomarker monitoring device.

From 2018 we will have semi-automated important production procedures and thus can sell at a lower price. 

We allow you to pre-order now for below pricing with delivery time before end of 2018.

€ 695 Trace® device
€ 15 each Lipids capsule or
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

Orders will be shipped on a first incoming order basis.

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