IoT Summit Santa Clara CA March 16-17 – Atonomics delivers Key Note and Case Study on TRACE®

Atonomics delivers Key Note and Case Study on TRACE® during the IoT Summit Santa Clara CA March 16-17 through Frank Harder – Business Technology Executive and Atonomics Executive Board Advisor. Frank Harder is a pioneer of IoT and has been leading successfully the ARTIK IoT Development and Business Strategy as Vice President at Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (with former global leadership roles in Philips, Swarco and several start-ups in Silicon Valley). The IoT Summit was centred around new business models, value creation and security platforms in different verticals, whereas IoT has proven to be an accelerating force for implementation of innovative platforms such as TRACE®. Harder presented the positive impact of a growing ecosystem around the vertical Healthcare and elements of disruption to allow Atonomics to rapidly penetrate the preventative Healthcare sector with TRACE®. While IoT is still evolving, Atonomics is starting to develop the ecosystem around TRACE® to ensure capturing value, implementing new business models as a combination of device, consumables and services sales to enter into the digital community around the world.


6th IoT Summit is a forum to present, highlight and discuss the latest products, applications, development, and business opportunities in IoT. The market for IoT, sensors, wearables, cloud, and related technologies is expanding at a phenomenal rate. The conference brings together researchers, developers, and practitioners from diverse fields including scientists and engineers, research institutes, and industry.

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€ 2495 Trace® device                
€ 15 each Lipids capsule  
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

We will on a continuous basis release more and more important biomarker capsules.

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From 2018 we will have semi-automated important production procedures and thus can sell at a lower price. 

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€ 695 Trace® device
€ 15 each Lipids capsule or
€ 120 for 10 Lipids capsules

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